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As Ukrainian political analyst, military journalist and expert on Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia, Mykola is well known in media and academia circles both in Ukraine, Europe and the USA.

In 2018-2020 Mykola worked as reporter and political analyst for “The Voice of America” Broadcasting Bureau. In 2017-2018 he was a research scholar at Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) with the focus on Russian disinformation activities in Ukraine, U.S. and Europe.

While working in capacity of an U.S. – Ukrainian political analyst and military journalist in Donbas (2014-2017) he focused on battlefield experience of Ukraine, as well as on Russian military campaign and disinformation. In 2011 – 2014 he worked as an Editor-in-Chief of “Euro-Patrol” journalistic investigative bureau, which conducted investigation of corruption cases within the Ukrainian government.

Since the very beginning of open Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which started with the annexation of Crimea in March 2014, Mykola has been regularly invited at public events in Washington D.C., inter alia, that of the Heritage Foundation, Wilson Center, Atlantic Council, U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, GWU, Johns Hopkins University (SAIS), Cato Institute, CSIS, George Mason University, VOA etc. to speak about the most recent developments in the battle zone.

An author of over 200 publications on foreign affairs with the focus on Eastern Europe, Ukrainian and Russian domestic politics, war in Donbass. His interviews with experts were published in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German and Polish languages.

Mykola is a frequent contributor to “UkraineAlert” blog of Atlantic Council and Jamestown Foundation with regular appearance on Ukrainian TV channels.