We develop strategic insights and practical policy solutions and are uniquely positioned to assist government leaders and the military services in developing smart response to pressing security challenges and forthcoming threats. We identify global and regional trends, assess their implications for policy planners, and help officials to translate policy options into concrete program decisions.

EESI closely cooperates with Ukrainian policy-makers, the government and the official national and international security community. Here we serve as an assisting hand by providing professional expertise where governments have scarce human resources and time to invest themselves into proper analytics and foresight.

In public realm EESI organizes conferences, workshops, seminars, panels, and policy study groups, as well as research and media projects in Ukraine and abroad in cooperation with partner think-tanks to help policymakers, legislators, military officers, members of the media and academia from diverse national and international settings to exchange ideas outside official channels and away from the often constraining diplomatic format.

EESI events also provide an ideal setting for officials to test creative policy initiatives.

We conduct
  • Focused studies and swift risk analyses on current and emerging security threats in Eastern Europe.
  • Longer term research projects on military, political, economic, energy and infrastructure security of Ukraine and other Eastern European countries (also in cooperation with international think-tanks).
  • Classified and unclassified high-level security workshops and briefings for government and public clients.
  • Strategic programs and analysis for state government agencies, including via EESI’s participation in interagency working groups.
  • Periodical and non-periodical publications covering various areas of foreign and security policy with regional implications for Eastern Europe.
  • Public and media events on security issues.
  • Special projects and presentations.