Founded in late 2020 by the initiative of care-about and public-spirited experts, the Eastern Europe Security Institute (EESI) is an independent non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit think-tank with its headquarters in Kyiv (Ukraine) and expanding network of its regional offices in Eastern European countries. We take unbiased positions on matters of international, regional and national security based on balanced and neutral intellectual standing and serve as an independent expert platform, where critical issues of regional security are thoroughly examined and openly debated.

We see our role in assisting senior government policy makers and officials to make informed decisions in a dynamic and unpredictable regional security setting.

Our creative team and wider expert network is comprised of Eastern European experts and researchers with senior expertise of working in and for governments of individual countries. Composition of the EESI is a mix of former civil servants, retired military officers, foreign policy experts, business professionals, and academia, who produce innovative analysis and creative policy options.

In our work, we aim to blend academic expertise and practical institutional knowledge with diplomacy and political influence to tackle major regional security threats, which have sharply shaken the stability of Eastern Europe in 2014 and continue to challenge it nowadays.

We address both strategic level issues and specific problems facing policy makers and others having a direct interest in security. We are set up to provide clear, precise and timely analysis on strategic issues, to respond to pressing issues of today, to anticipate future security challenges and to zoom in on foreign and security policy options. We promote innovative thinking in re-framing current regional security problems with a view to find smart solutions.