In order to serve our mission we set up following goals and objectives

  • To direct more focused attention of decision-makers to security fragilities in Eastern Europe, which have been invoked by selfish policies of particular countries.
  • To bring into attention of governments and other decision-makers sustainable policy proposals and durable solutions to the emerging security threats in Eastern Europe, with a view of taking full advantage of benefits of collective defense and concerted actions.
  • To re-engine Trans-Atlantic security drivers with smart solutions that match contemporary challenges and effectively respond to destructive selfish behavior of certain state and non-state actors.
  • To develop more meaningful and practical security cooperation on Balto-Black Seas’ axis, as well as in the Black Sea region.
  • To contribute into development and consecutive implementation of robust policies that call to account violators of international legal order, which actions severely undermine existing security balance in Eastern Europe.
  • To equip decision-makers in Ukraine and partner-countries with first-hand professional expert analysis and policy recommendations in security field, which are based on best intellectual products that EESI creates in cooperation with leading/respectable East European, British and American think-tanks
  • To minimize Ukraine’s and Eastern European countries’ exposure to emerging security threats by providing early-warning and preventive risk-diminishing policy advise to those, who takes decisions on security and defense issues in Ukraine and partner-countries of Eastern Europe, the UK and the USA.
  • To provide substantive input in risk assessment of spill-over effects of security-undermining strategies used by certain states against particular countries in Eastern Europe and to contribute into elaboration of effective counter-strategies to offset these risks.
  • To contribute into development of a new strong Trans-Atlantic security doctrine towards Eastern European countries that is capable to respond effectively to challenges of modern non-conventional warfare, including cyberwars, disinformation, propaganda and fake news, smart technologies and artificial intellect wars etc.
  • To provide our partners in Eastern Europe, the EU, the UK and the USA with first-hand expertise and knowledge of hybrid and asymmetrical warfare that Russia conducts in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea and to jointly elaborate a range of efficient responses.
  • To ensure better understanding of Slavic mindset and ethnopsychology by our Western partners in order to promote ever beneficial cooperation and mutual gains, as well as to address outstanding security challenges in Eastern Europe.
  • To produce cutting-edge multi-disciplinary analysis and develop strategies that promote diplomatic, political, economic, and intelligence cooperation among the countries in Eastern Europe, the EU, the UK and the USA.
By doing so, the EESI sets its ambitions to:

Become the best regional security intellectual hub for the security and defense community ofUkraine and its partners, who share same values and principles ofTrans-Atlantic collective defense;

Gain afirm foothold asareliable partner for decision-making bodies inUkraine, capable toprovide timely qualitative evaluations ofsecurity risks and recommendations onexpedient policy making;

Assist indeveloping mature statecraft mindset and strategic security thinking culture inUkraine;

Contribute into formation ofnew generation offorward-thinking responsible political elites.