EESI for Youth

With the ambition to contribute towards the formation of new generation of forward-thinking political elites, the EESI feels responsible to provide the younger generation of Ukrainians with opportunities to unlock their potential in a wider environment, to open up the world for them and to assist them, where possible, with new experiences and learning.

We are confident that this support will bear fruit for motivated and devoted young professionals who wish to serve our country and defend it in the future. With this aim, the EESI is developing a number of international exchange programs in security training, which will be announced shortly. However, we wish to reveal one of these programs that is in being already.

In early 2021 the EESI will officially become a co-patron in the British-Ukrainian Air Cadet Exchange Program alongside UK Air Cadets, The Geoffrey de Havilland Flying Foundation (UK) and the Royal Air Squadron (UK). This exchange program was launched after the successful visit of the Royal Air Squadron with HRH Prince Michael of Kent to Ukraine in 2013. It became possible owing to generous financial support from The Geoffrey de Havilland Foundation (UK) and individual members of the Royal Air Squadron. Our Executive Director Iuliia Osmolovska was involved in this exchange project from the very beginning and remains in charge of it from the Ukrainian side.

Since 2015 ten Ukrainian air cadets from the Kyiv Aviation and Cosmonautic Center and the Kharkiv National Aerospace University have visited UK as a member of the UK Air Cadet Exchange (UKACE) programme, including a weekend at the Royal International Air Tattoo (the world greatest air show) and flown with members of the Royal Air Squadron. Likewise, four UK Air Cadets have visited Ukraine and experienced Ukrainian aviation training with their new friends from the Kyiv Aviation and Cosmonautic Center and the Kharkiv National Aerospace University. It has already become a good tradition that after each exchange visit, the Ukrainian and UK air cadets of a particular year then get together for a day in the UK.

The EESI team is delighted to get involved into this socially valuable project as it promotes not only patriotic upbringing, but also long-lasting friendly contacts of the next generation of Ukrainian and UK pilots, which perfectly matches the strategic relationship between our two countries.

We are confident that with its international capacity the EESI could substantially enhance Ukraine’s participation in the project and develop it still further.

Do please follow our further announcements on what to expect in 2021!